Subliminal Messages in Audio

Subliminal messages encoded in audio may be responsible for kids' behavior.

Could encoded or subliminal messages hold purpose to some disruptive behaviors in young people? Are there any other ways to explain the behaviors of our young people? They seem to think as though the world owe them a living with their pants nearly falling off them, old cars, big expensive rims and no respect for other. It could be highly possible that some hip-hop or rap music may have some subliminal messages encoded that may alter a person’s behavior.

Every so often audio might contain subliminal messages inside of it. Why you ask? Well a subliminal message could be placed in audio for numerous reasons. Maybe to get you to purchase audio by that artist, or to reach your subconscious mind to suggest your love of the music from that particular artist, henceforth, making you arrive to the thought to purchase more music or even to act in a certain way to acquire a certain lifestyle. Normally, a subliminal message is realized by playing an audio track or clip backwards. When playing it backwards a good audio editing program can detect hidden messages that have been encoded in the music file.

Many would argue that subliminal messages are coincidental but in my opinion I do not see how it could be possible to be a coincidence to record and encoded message, it is purely intentional. If they were to argue that background noise or maybe even a conversational piece were picked up in the background or something falling or dropping, then I would call that a coincidence, but a full-encoded message that seems to be purposely aiming at an effect is not coincidental.

Our young people are running around like chickens with their heads cut off and much of it in my opinion is due to rap fallacy. Kids if not strong minded enough will believe what is heard and it is not primarily because of parenting defects but what’s being put out there and what they are being subjected to, such as, early sex, drugs, the greed of money and gangbanging. Our kids are being exposed and let us face it; parents cannot plug up a child’s ears 24 hours a day. The majority of videos have near naked women and guys flashing money. For a 14 or 15 and older teenagers it sends the wrong message which is a lot of the reason why most of our teenagers wouldn’t mind dropping out of school and trying to make it as a rapper or pursue a rap career once they graduate.

Let me ask this question. Is being a rapper even a career? I have heard of a music career, so yeah I guess it is but what is wrong with being a doctor or lawyer, or scientist. The U.S. is in dire need for scientists and chemists. Young people sell themselves short looking at the life of rappers as the easy road and quickest way out because of what they see on T.V. and hear on the radio. However, parents do have a responsibility to monitor what they child watch and hear, but we cannot do this all day everyday. It is also the responsibility of those that release such music to appeal to a child in a mature manner. Not only parents raise their children but also so does the influences around them.


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