Hip-Hop Artist Marc-Jean Represents Penn State Pride with New Music Video

This is an article about a school spirit anthem for Penn State by a State College, PA hip-hop artist named Marc-Jean. The song is called "Penn State Remix". Marc-Jean also recently released the official music video for the song. The video accurately de

To show pride for his school, even during the tough times it has endured recently after being rocked by an unfortunate scandal, followed up by a strict punishment inflicted by the NCAA, State College, PA hip-hop artist, Marc-Jean recently released a feel-good, school-spirited anthem called "Penn State Remix" featuring a local singer, Colby Shirey.  Marc-Jean has also just released an official music video for "Penn State Remix", which can be viewed here on YouTube.  The instrumental is recognizable, as it is the one used for Jay-Z and Rihanna's song "Run This Town".  

The entire video, filmed by Isabelle Productions, a company which includes one of his longtime friends, John Kohlhepp, took place at various locations on the Penn State campus and in downtown State College, PA.  Anybody familiar with the campus will be able to point out the landmarks where this video was filmed.  For instance, there are several scenes in the beginning of the video that took place at the Old Main building.  There are also some scenes that took place by the HUB, which is the center of student activities on campus.  You can also see Marc-Jean rapping next to the Joe Paterno statue, which has been a center of controversy in the past few weeks.  (The statue was still located by Beaver Stadium during the filming of this video).  Also, around 3:00 into the video, Marc-Jean and his crew are standing by the famous Nittany Lion Shrine, which is one of the most popular locations for students to get their pictures taken.  Everybody seems to be having a lot of fun in the video, and the scenes are an accurate depiction as to what life before a football game at Penn State involves.  Marc-Jean has enjoyed over 4,000 views for this video within its first four days of release, and is getting his fan base heavily involved in promoting this video to the staff at ESPN.

The theme of the song encompasses life at Penn State, especially on Friday nights and home football Saturdays.  It can be looked at as a football rally song in parts.  With references to Joe Paterno, opposing teams like Ohio State and Iowa, as well as the famous Penn State "White Out" tradition, where the whole crowd wears white T-Shirts, one cannot help but think of Penn State football.  The song does not shy away from Penn State's other favorite weekend pastime, which would be drinking and living up to its reputation of being one of the top party schools in the United States.  Fans of hip-hop artists such as Asher Roth, Mac Miller, Kidz in the Hall, and early Kanye West from the College Dropout and Late Registration albums will be likely to enjoy this song.  

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