Chicago Rap Artist Rheir Breed Gets Serious

Local Hip hop and Rap artist Rheir Breed of Chicago sits down with Knoji and discuss music, hiss cause and more. The up and coming underground artist and poised humanitarian is more aware of what is going on around him rather than himself, by providing aw

By Jeramie L Bizzle


Chicago, IL- in the past few months, many artist out of the city has been signed to record lables such as chief Keef, King Louie and Block Exchange. John Hughes aka Rheir Breed is not just an artist who is trying to make his mark in the music and entertainment world, but he is dedicate to the city as he wants to help those in need battling Lupus. The 26 year old underground artist sits down and talks to Knjoi about music, Lupus and his take on the industry today:

With all the new artist coming out of Chicago, what makes you different from them? 

I don't want to be mixed up with the new guys coming out from here because they are going to think I am bringing the same content, but I am not them. My music is different because the messages differ from what they talk about. I set out to be known by the music I provide not by everyone provides out of the city. Simply put, I'm me, not them.

Why is Lupus such a concern to you?

My mother has Lupus and some of the people that I am close to around me has it, and I just want to make people more aware of it you know what I'm saying, like that' why I wrote on my Facebook status “I thank God for giving my mother lupus”, some might have took it the wrong way but I'm like if this what will get people to know of it, and it woke me up to take my life more seriously. As far as the music, I thank God for allowing me to talk to people through it to get people aware of these things.

How does you music tie in with your mission involving the disease?

 As I said, I use it to educate people, I mean my music has become more conscious than what it use to be. I mean I still got the party songs and love songs because this is what people are listening to nowadays, but I'm trying to take it to back like how music used to be. By providing that message, it will let people know that there's more to life than the women, cars and money, and that everyone has a purpose while they are here. Spreading awareness for not just lupus, but for cancer, HIV and so on. In fact when people by my single or album or whatever, half of that goes to the cause, even if its 99 cent, fifty of that is going to the cause.

Back to the music, when is the album coming out? Are there any shows in the future?

The album right now doesn't have a date, it's TBA, but the singles from the album “Choyces” will be on Itunes around August 17th, and actually there some events coming up supporting the cause and I will definitely be there showing my support, but if people want to see me, just hit me up on my social sites.

Whats your message to those interested in what Rheir Breed has to say?

Follow me on my sites, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, whatever, and everything is Rheir Breed so it's not that hard to find me. I have a hotline that is displayed on them if you want to talk to me, I love to interact with people. And just get ready, and the singles will be up in a couple weeks.

Knoji would like to thank Rheir breed for taking time out of his busy schedule to talk to the site. We here wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors and will be downloading his music as soon as it hits Itunes. After some samples played during the interview, this will be the next artist to watch for.


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