Album Review: Careless World

Careless World is Tyga's second album and it did not disappoint. The album is a complete story from start to finish. It deals with themes of poverty and struggle, and then moves into success, love and stardom. Fans will be happy to hear the album as the M

Album Review

Careless World: Rise of The Last King is an album that contains real life themes and concepts. The album consists of tails of poverty, struggle, success, love, and of course, stardom. The album is complete: The begining begins with a vision to make it out of the ghetto mentality. This will start with a change of thinking. And then that vision was achieved! At the end, the artist shows that it is not always good being at the top.

The music in this body of work is catchy, Egyptian inspired, club themed, and reminiscent of the past.

The Story And Message of This Album

No matter what, people should never forget that an album is suppose to have a message. And this one does! Growing up in Compton, CA, Tyga was exposed to negativity and poverty when he was young. But he always had a vision: To become king. "You gotta take risk and do things the hard way," he raps on a song off the album because thats what he did. The rapper took the world by storm, gaining exposure as an artist and eventually being signed to a major record label!

After making successful music and fans, the rapper captured his dream. And now it is a reality.

Artistic Growth and Experience

This recording artist has definitely improved in his craft, though he was always was a lyrical miracle. Time brings experience and that is what stands out the most. Believe it or not, this is his second album. However, this album is a move to the hip-hop style, which he is familar with, taking into account all those mixtapes. Officially, this album shows personal growth and maturity and being comfortable in his position.

Hotel California

Tyga's next album is entitiled Hotel California, and as of now, its suppose to come out in March. In an interview the recording artist once stated that the album "will be more party music and sex themes," since he now understand what the fans want.


To promote the album, the MC will be dropping another mixtape very soon. Whenever the album drops, I will be eager to hear it! This artist has phenomental talent; Careless World really gave me hope for this rap game. Amazing Album!

Til next time, Cameron.


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