Big Sean Review

Brief review of Detroit rapper Big Sean.

With all the rappers out there now who claim to be the next Drake or Lil Wayne, many who make it into the industry only become one hit wonders or the solider boys of the time by creating a dance for the audience to perform. But in the competitive world of music only one sticks out from all the rest. With his unique swagger, captifying lyrics, and most importantly, that Detroit flavor, Big Sean is the newest artist who is worthy of “Rookie of the Year”

Big Sean (born Sean M. Anderson) was born in Santa Monica California in 1988, and graduated from Cass technical school. But who to thought that in 2011 he would be killing some of the most famous remixes including “Racks on Racks” and “All of the Lights”, and have a take off single “MY LAST” feat Chris Brown. All in addition to signing to Kanye West label entitled “GOOD Music”, and this is what he is bound to present to his fans.

In the beginnig of the video for my last, you can see the support from his family and friends saying that “my brother is gonna be famous” as said by his sister in the scene. From being a mixtape rapper to commercial artist can make or break your career, but so far he is handling the transition just fine.

The debut album from the Detroit native entitled “Finally Famous” will be released June 28th including the single my last and features from Drake and Kanye West just to name a few. Besides Wiz Khalifa, Big Sean will be well on his way to earning best new artist and album of the year as long as he continue make like his label, GOOD music. Information about shows and tour dates have yet to be announced, but is sure to be a show to remember, for as being the new comer in the game, he can bring some heavy hitters along for the ride as well.

With his lyrics and swagger, he can be the next hottest thing like what Drake used to be and become what Lil Wayne can’t, and that’s be original. Everyone in the industry wants to start singing instead of sticking to their day job, but Sean is sticking to the script until his time is marked for a transition to something else.

Look for more information about this artist and others who are in the same rank as he in your favorite hip hop magazine or blog site.



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